#Harvest at the oasis of Grenache ??

Everybody would agree that it has been a pretty tough year and 2020 vintage deserves space in our memories and.. in our cellars. The vineyards during the harvest months were the green heaven for us to keep the social distancing but stay in contact with nature. It takes a lot of effort and manual work for our team to make over 40 separate vinifications with the goal that plot expresses it´s personality.



Apart from the global pandemic our vineyards also have been challenged by the local issues, as we are an organic winery surrounded by forests. The attacks of the wild boars and mildew have caused an exceptionally limited harvest production. But as Grenache that survives tough conditions and gives rewarding results, we stay strong, passionate and more optimistic than ever.


No doubt, energy of the place is transmitted into the bottle. Mediterranean winds, mountains┬ácovered with the pine forests and┬ábotanical plants – this is the recipe of the environment that with a bit of magic in the cellar can turn into most exciting wines (more about the┬ácellar life in the next newsletter!). For now, let┬┤s teletransport to where the vines live in their paradise, click on the video below: