Teixar de Vinyes Domènech first Single Vineyard Wine with DO Monsant

On Friday June 12 the Official Government Bulletin (DOG) published the granting of single vineyard wine to Teixar de Vinyes Domènech Teixar de Vinyes Domènech is the first wine of the Designation of Origin Montsant, and the fourth in Catalonia to be awarded the prestigious qualification of single vineyard wine.

The Single Vineyard Wine (Vi de Finca in Catalan) is a qualification which, besides the unique and microclimatic characteristics, distinguishes wines from grapes of a single farm property. The vineyard must follow the demanding protocols requested by the Designation of Origin, in terms of production, yields and ratings for the qualification thereof. These protocols have recognition and prestige both nationally and internationally for over ten years.

The vineyard Teixar de Vinyes Domenech comes from the name of a place in Capçanes known as “Font del Teixar”, and it’s made of plots with an area of 3 hectares, located in a protected natural area situated between the Sierra de Llaberia and Montalt, a place of great beauty and ecological value.

It features a very irregular topography, at 450 m. above sea level, which favors the intensity of the winds and less sunshine, surrounded by mountains with pine forests and Mediterranean ground vegetation that offer a unique microclimate.

Old hairy Grenache vines, originally from Tarragona and scarce; very low production vineyards, as well as organic and biodynamic viticulture. Predominantly humid winds from the east in the summer and cold and dry winds from the north, mainly mistral, called serene or cierzo (North Wind) in the area, entering through the depression of the Ebro, in spring and winter. Rainfall is scarce, between 350 and 500 l. per year, and more abundant in autumn and spring. This microclimate slows the growth cycle of the plant and favors a slower ripening, thus providing maximum expression to the Grenache.

The soil is rocky limestone. The coastal area presents a moderate to steep slope between 10-35% of inclination, and a north-south orientation. These distinguishing features provide authenticity and uniqueness to the wine and allow us to give you the most exclusive wine of our cellar.

Complex and deep as its roots, the wine expresses a rich network of delicate aromas and flavors that convey our landscape and the elegance of the Grenache, a caress for the palate.