The dominant geological materials are limestone and dolomites with layers of chalk, marl and clay that appear in different areas of the property.

The soils are found on mountain slopes which range from 10-35% moderate to steep “Costers” (local name for steeply sloping bush vine vineyards) which are mainly north-south facing. The uppermost vineyards, near the forest, are crowned by outcrops of limestone and dolomites forming the Catalan Coastal Range.

This consists of five different types of soil at different depths, texture, colour and permeability.

These distinguishing features provide uniqueness and authenticity in the wines produced in each individual plot, which include:

Surface Limestone: These soils are mainly to be found in our Font del Teixar vineyards, developed on limestone and rock outcrops. The vigour of the plant is regulated naturally and the soils are very suitable in terms of their mineral balance for the production of our premium wine, Teixar.

Valley floor soils: These are found in the vineyards of the La Serra de Llaberia and are made up of eroded material from the mountain slopes which accumulate on the valley floor.

Clays: These soils are located in different zones, proportions and textures in our vineyards. These very ancient soils of approximately 10,000 years old have undergone a process of decarbonation. The clays have moved within the soils. These soil processes require many years before they wash the carbonates and clays from the soil. The soils are red due to the influence of the clay.

Loess: These soils are located in the “Mirador” and “La Fou” vineyard areas. Developed on Aeolian silt, these soils have been deposited over the clay following periods of glacial melt-water flooding. The origin of these windblown materials is marine as they have come from the shoreline in periods of declining sea levels. These extremely limestone rich materials have accumulated carbonates known as “Loess dolls”. The soil is orange or salmon coloured.

Clays and chalk: These soils are located in our “Lo Montalt” and “Serra Llaberia” vineyard areas. These are mountainside soils which have developed on clays and chalk of the Keuper (triassic) period. These geological materials are rich in clay and are to be found mainly on the steeply sloping east facing mountainsides. The soil is bright red and rich in iron.