A bioclimatic, architectural and functional building. It is well integrated in the surrounding countryside and produces electricity using renewable energies of up to 90%. Rainwater is also used, together with natural spring water fulfilling all the winery’s water needs.

An integrated Green-Winery concept for the entire winemaking process, ranging from organic vineyards, bioclimatic architecture and green technologies, helps minimize the effects on landscape, fauna and flora, and avoids modifying ecosystems and habitats.

An innovative project based on the following concepts

  • The building’s aspect
  • Underground winemaking and ageing area
  • Thermal insulation of the building
  • Ventilated roof
  • Energy storage
  • Forced natural ventilation
  • Chimney effect windows
  • Sun protection during the summer
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Geothermal energy
  • Intelligent management systems to generate energy at all times