Vinyes Domènech is committed to preserving the natural integrity of our landscape: the Llaberia and Montalt mountain ranges. We do this by applying different sustainable, organic and green practices ranging from vineyard work to winery tasks, as well as work carried out involving our wines and other services.
Vinyes Domènech’s socially responsible approach is based on a set of initiatives aimed at vineyard conservation and more natural and sustainable winemaking methods.

Sustainability Award

Vinyes Domènech earned a highly recommended in the 2012 Vinum Nature Awards in the framework of 2013 ecology-aware wines. This award is given to wineries that best apply environmental practices.

“Carbon Footprint” Certification

With the support of the European Union Leader program and encompassing the the International Cooperation “+ Wine – CO2” project, Vinyes Domènech was the first winery of the D.O. Montsant to certify their emissions of greenhouse effect gases which each and every bottle or our wine emits.