The ENOEXPERIENCES of Vinyes Domènech value the biodiversity of the vineyards and forests in their surroundings. An unique proposal, which can only be enjoyed in a privileged natural environment where the nature is the origin and the end of the emotions. You will feel how the landscape captivates you and in an honest way leads you to understand the wine culture and the people of our region.

We present a range of activities designed by a group of professionals from different specialties with the objective to harmonize the landscape, the plants, the flowers and the food with the Vinyes Domènech wines and eventually, to let you get to know yourself a little bit better and discover what grape you are made of.

You will taste the best artisan cheeses of Catalonia, you will discover secrets of foie gras and duck products, you will have a Picnic, you will observe the stars guided by Joan Antón Catalán and you will get enchanted by the moon and the importance it has in the biodynamic agriculture, you will cook with the plants and wildflowers from our vineyards and forests with the support of Yolanda Bustos, you will enjoy dishes created with local products by the hand of chef Toni Bru and discover the traditional Priorat recipes of Marta Domènech.

All this is possible thanks to them! Do not imagine it, come and try it!