Wine Food pairing with plants, flowers and wild fruits

Nature and landscape on the plate and in the glass. A gastro-botanical stroll in the Vinyes Domènech estate in the Montsant.

Wine tasting paired with wild ingredients born in the vineyards. A tasting menu based on herbs, roots, flowers and wild fruits in order to explain the true taste of our landscape and to understand the value of nature and the biodynamic approach in the vineyard. With ingredients that give personality to our wines, picked up by the chef Iolanda Bustos directly at Vinyes Domènech. An experience that will make you travel and feel the heartbeat of this wild spot in the Montsant.

The activity consists of tasting samples of edible plants, wild flowers and fruits that grow near our vineyards; plants that give a unique character, flavour and aromas to the wines of each vineyard. Our objective is to offer a sensory discourse on the landscape and the wines and to show to our guests the awakening of spring in the vineyards.

Parallel to the botanical tasting, we will play with your senses and prepare a wine tasting where wines match the wile plants and they both come from the same land. This experience, shared between wines and wild flora, becomes an authentic representations of the terroir.

If the weather permits, we may have the tasting while strolling along the vineyards, identifying and analysing the particular flora of each parcel.

The activity ends with a meal paired with Vinyes Doménech wines.

  • Duration: 2 ½ to 3 hours (lunch).
  • Dates: 17th march 2018.
  • Wines included: Bancal del Bosc (red and white), Furvus or Boig per tu. Possibility of adding TeixarVinyes Velles de Samsó or Rita (additional cost).
  • Groups: Min. 20 people.
  • Languages: English / Spanish / Catalan / French / Italian / Polish.
  • Price: 100€