TEIXAR Vinyes Domènech classified as “Vi de Finca,” the first of D.O. Montsant.
T E I X A R Primer “Vi de Finca Qualificada” de la DO Montsant


Teixar de Vinyes Domènech is the first wine of the D.O.Montsant and the fourth in Catalonia that INCAVI has granted the classification of “Vi de finca” . It is a recognition that distinguishes the wine for its unique climatic characteristics , made from grapes from a single field, and follows the protocols ,
production points, and more demanding processing and yields due to the DO, as well as a national and international prestige over ten years .

The name of the Teixarde Vinyes Domènech estate comes from a place in Capçanes known as the Font del Teixar, an area of 3ha located in a protected natural area of great beauty and ecological value between the Serra de Llaberia and el Montalt, at 400m of altitude, surrounded by mountains with pine forests and Mediterranean low lands. The terrain is very irregular, which promotes intense winds and lower sun exposure, which delays the vegetative cycle of the plant, promoting as lower maturation period and providing the Grenache grape’s maximum expression.


These differentiating features provide uniqueness and singularity to the wine, leading to DO Montsant granting it the Prize for the best WINE-VITICULTOR 2019.

• A Mediterranean coastal and mountain micro-climate 
• Soils, calcareous stones, coastal slope between 10-35% inclination,and a north-southorientation.
• Very low production of old Grenache Peluda grapevines
• Organic and biodynamic viticulture
• The biodiversity of the forested environment forms an interactive ecosystem with our vineyards and the protection of flora, fauna, and microorganisms
• A botanical point of view as an equilibrium of the different plant species.

TEIXAR “Vi de Finca Qualificada” de Vinyes Domènech

A bioclimatic, architectural and functional building. It is well integrated in the surrounding countryside and produces electricity using renewable energies of up to 90%. Rainwater is also used, together with natural spring water fulfilling all the winery’s water needs.

An integrated Green-Winery concept for the entire winemaking process, ranging from organic vineyards, bioclimatic architecture and green technologies, helps minimize the effects on landscape, fauna and flora, and avoids modifying ecosystems and habitats.

El Teixar de Vinyes Domènech és el primer vi de la D.O.Montsant i el quart de Catalunya que l’Incavi concedeix la qualificació de “vi de finca”. Es un reconeixement que distingeix a les característiques singulars i climàtiques, als vins de raïms procedents d’una mateixa finca en propietat ,que segueix els protocols i puntuacions de producció , rendiments elaboració més exigents per part de la D.O. , així com un prestigi tant nacional com internacional al llarg dedeu anys. La finca de Teixar de Vinyes Domènech ve del nom d’un paratge de Capçanes conegut com la Font del Teixar, parcel·les d’una superfície de 3 ha i es troba ubicada en un espai natural protegit, de gran bellesa i valor ecològic , entre la serra de Llaberia i el Montalt, a 400 metres d’altitud, envoltada de muntanyes amb boscos de pins i sotabosc mediterrani, l’orografia és molt irregular