“Each bottle of wine contains the landscape, the sun, the vineyard, an ancestral variety, and the values of this land and its people”


A family committed to the land

It was founded in 2002 by the Domènech family, with the goal of preserving and improving the natural heritage of the estate by creating a wine-making project that embodies the landscape and
biodiversity of the environment, maintaining its unique ecosystem.

In 2015, as a result of dedicated work, Teixar was recognized as “Vi de Finca” (Gran Cru, Single
Vineyard Wine) by Incavi and D.O. Montsant.

This recognition is granted to single-estate wines of international prestige that comply with
demanding protocols of quality and traceability

In June 2019 the D.O.Montsant awarded us the prize for the best VINEYARD-VITICULTURER 2019 that distinguishes our work and contribution.
The Domènech family comes from Falset and since 2002 they have been the owners of one of the oldest vineyards in Capçanes, located in the south of Priorat County with in the D.O. Montsant wine appellation.


Unique high-altitude vineyards
Vinyes Domènech is located in the south of the county of Priorat (Montsant DO), between the mountains of La Serra de Llaberia and Montalt and situated in a protected natural space of great beauty and ecological value at an altitude of 450 metres and 10km from the sea. It is a plain surrounded by mountains, pine and holly oak forests and a mediterranean undergrowth boasting a unique landscape.
Vinyes Domènech’s various terroirs are between 200m and 500m above sea level and together they form 90 parcels with a wide diversity of soils in which our Grenache and Carignan grapes express the essence of each parcel. We preserve these vines with microvinification techniques until the very end of the winemaking process so that every wine takes us back to their beginnings; expressing the altitude, orography, microclimate and the landscape that surrounds them.
These differentiating features provide uniqueness and singularity to the wine, leading to DOMontsant granting it the Prize for the best WINE-VITICULTOR 2019 last June
The dominant geological materials are limestone and dolomite with layers of chalk, marl, and clay that appear in different areas of the property. The soil is found on mountain slopes which range from 10-35% moderate to steep “Costers” (the local name for steeply sloping bush-vine vineyards), which are mainly north-south facing. The uppermost vineyards, near the forest.
Surface Limestone
-Surface Limestone: This soil is mainly found in our Font del Teixar vineyards, set up on outcrops of limestone and rock
Valley floor soil
-This is found in the vineyards of La Serra de Llaberia and are made up of eroded material from the mountain slopes that accumulate on the valley floor
This soil is located in different zones, proportions, and textures in our vineyards. This very ancient soil is approximately 10,000 years old and have undergone a process of de-carbonation. The clays have integrated with the soils. These soil processes require many years before they wash away the carbonates and clays from the soil. The soil is red due to the influence of the clay.
-This soil is located in the “Mirador” and “La Fou” vineyard areas. Developed on Aeolian silt, this soil has been deposited over the clay following periods of glacial meltwater flooding. These windblown materials originate in the sea, as they have come from the shoreline in periods of declining sea levels. These extremely limestone-rich materials have accumulated carbonates known as “Loess dolls.” The soil is orange- or salmon-coloured.
Clay and chalk
This soil is located in our “Lo Montalt” and “Serra Llaberia” vineyard areas. This is mountainside soil, which has developed on the clay and chalk of the Keuper (Triassic) period. These geological materials are rich in clay and are found mainly on the steeply sloping east-facing mountainsides. The soil is bright red and rich in iron.


At Vinyes Domènech you can discover and enjoy the different local varieties in the more than 90 Microparceles that we bottle in small vinifications without masking their origin and landscape. Our commitment from the beginning has been to work and recover the varieties originating in our area such as Grenache, Carignan and Macabeo. On the Collet estate we have one of the oldest vineyards of Garnatxa Peluda in Catalonia and we are pioneers in the production of single-variety wines of this variety.
White Grenache
Grey Grenache
Black Grenache
Hairy Grenache

At Vinyes Domènech you will be able to discover and enjoy the different local varieties among the ninety micro-plots which, in small winemaking processes, transmit their origin and landscape to you.
Our commitment from the beginning has been to work with the original varieties of our area and to recover very old vineyards of Garnacha, Cariñena and Macabeu.
At Finca del Collet we have one of the oldest Grenache vineyards in Catalonia and we are pioneers in making wines from this variety.



Vinyes Domènech is based on organic viticulture (certified by the CCPAE-2007) and biodynamic practices, seeking to maintain harmony between the vineyards and the biodiversity that surrounds and nourishes them, permitting a wine production that is mimetic with its landscape.


We value the biodiversity of the forests and vineyards around us, considering it an interactive ecosystem that offers protection and balance to both flora and fauna and microorganisms. It is a unique and different process that can only be enjoyed in an extraordinary natural environment. You will feel nature and the landscape captivate you and transmit the essence of our wines.


We take great care of the land beginning from its roots, reestablishing a lost connection between people and nature, starting with knowledge of its plants. This gives a new air to the land through a balance between the different plant species that help us: -Provide the desired nutrition and texture to the soil. -Provide preparations and infusions as part of the vineyard’s phytotherapy. -Attract beneficial insects via their flowers. By sampling the wines, herbs and flowers of Vinyes Domènech, you will be able to understand and come to know just how important it is to care for and respect nature to be able to produce wines that contain all the essence of the land.


Our work at Vinyes Domènech is a circular project in which every process and stage is designed with the aim of reducing the consumption of natural resources and the emission of greenhouse gasses.
• Bioclimatic Cellar • Bioclimatic presentation
• Controlling of CO2 emissions
• Maximising use of rainwater
• Renewable energies

C02 emissions
•Ecological foot print of the wine cellar’s activity. •Calculation of C02 emissions per bottle. •91% savings in C02 emissions compared to the group’s traditional system.
Bioclimatic Wine Cellar

• Ventilated roof.
• Use of solar energy.
• Geothermal energy.
• The integration of the natural environment forming a part of the habitual landscape. “Green Cellar”

Water savings

• Rain water harvesting.
• Restoration of natural springs.
• Use of the purifier’s waste water for irrigation


The location of Vinyes Domènech, an area of flatland surrounded by forests, is at an altitude of between 200m and 500m. Its unique landscape forms a natural pass of around 10km between the inland area of the Priorat county and the Mediterranean Sea. The geography of the area gives our vineyards a coastal and mountain microclimate unique to the area, which forges an idyllic landscape of great beauty and a wealth of flora and fauna.

La terra del Priorat
és un eixam de muntanyes,
muntanyes color d’aram,
d’aram i d’or i de plata;
unes tenen el cim blau,
altres la cresta morada,
i totes uns claps de verd
on la vinya viu en calma.

Terra dels set colors
meitat erm, meitat conrada,
albe dret i xop gegant,
font d’argent, i barrancada,
Vinya magra del coster,
avellanar de la plana,
oliver verd clar verd fosc,
hort petit, poma, magrana…

Muntanya color d’aram,
color d’or, color de plata,
muntanya de llacorell
calumniada d’ingrata…

Salvador Estrem i Fa


Healthy wines that have the essence of the landscape and the land
In a protected natural environment of high ecological value you care about the land with an intervention that respects the environment. The management of the vineyards and the processes of the winery in order not to alter the ecosystem undoubtedly make the wines healthier. It is a personal commitment that we certify with independent institutions and organizations. These are wines certified in organic farming by the CCPAE, the OCA carbon footprint, Bureau Veritas and by V-Label as suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
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