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A visit to Vinyes Domenech is an absolute connection with nature and wine, we guarantee the biodiversity of the vineyards and forests in our environment.

A unique and different proposal that can only be enjoyed in a privileged natural environment where nature stimulates your emotions. You will feel how the landscape captivates you and transports you in an honest way to understand the culture of wine, of our land and of the people who make it possible.

We propose to share a sensorial experience of the ancestral varieties of our territory: The White Grenache, the Red-Grey, the Red and the Hairy, the Carignan and the Macabeu. You will enjoy the most subtle wild fragrances and their harmony with our botanical wines.

In addition you will be able to taste the only wine of Qualified Farm of the D.O. Montsant el Teixar.

Choose from our proposals or ask us for your experience or tailor-made event, to enjoy a more intimate party or to share a special moment with your collaborators, friends or clients.

In all activities we follow the protocols of the Department of Health of the Generalitat, both in terms of space, distance and maximum number of people per group in the COVID to ensure your safety and that of our partners.


Our winery is surrounded by a pine and oak forest. We will walk among vineyards and woods and show you the corners of the estate. 

You will perceive our botanical look and taste the flowers: the marigold, the dandelion, the white radish, the pimpernel, the fennel and many more that the vegetable kingdom that surrounds us gives us and that seduces thousands of beneficial insects that help us to keep the vineyards in balance.

When you taste our wines you will never forget the place where they grow and live.

– Duration: 2 hours (from 11am to 1pm, other times on request).
– Wines to taste: Bancal del Bosc Blanc + Bancal del Bosc Negre + Furvus or Boig per tu.

Possibility of adding Teixar Wine from Qualified Estate, Vinyes Velles de Samsó or Rita valuing the price of a whole bottle.

– Groups: Minimum of 2 people
– Languages spoken: Catalan / Spanish / English / French
– Price: 30 euros-pax


Our botanical wines are the result of the landscape. Enjoy them with a basket of local products: cheese,  sausage, fuet, bread, tomato and the oil from the cellar, the glasses and the wines.

We will walk through the vineyards and forests, tasting the plants and flowers that we will find during the walk. Finally we will choose the most suitable place, depending on the weather, for breakfast and we will tell you the history and the secrets of the farm.

– Duration: 3 hours (from 10h to 13h)
– Wines to taste: Bancal del Bosc Blanc + Bancal del Bosc Negre + Furvus or Boig per tu.

Possibility of adding Teixar Wine from Qualified Estate, Vinyes Velles de Samsó or Rita valuing the price of a whole bottle.

– Groups: Limited places
– Languages spoken: Catalan / Spanish / English / French
– Price: 45 euros (minimum 2 persons)



A marriage of affinity and  contrasts between the botanical wines of Garnacha and a selection of artisan cheeses, is the great objective of this sensory tasting that will allow us to experiment with the characteristics and organoleptic textures of these two products as our cheeses and the star variety: the Garnacha.

We will start with a walk through the vineyards where we will discover the first wild fragrances that will not leave us all the time. And we will continue with the game of harmonies between the different types of cheese: cow, sheep and goat selected by Ramon Roset, great connoisseur of the cheeses of our land, and the white, rosé and red Grenache wines of Vinyes Domenech.

– Duration: 2 hours
– Wines to taste: Bancal del Bosc Blanc + Bancal del Bosc Negre + Furvus or Boig per tu.

Possibility of adding Teixar Wine from Qualified Estate, Vinyes Velles de Samsó or Rita valuing the price of a whole bottle.

– Groups: Minimum 6 people
– Languages spoken: Catalan / Spanish / English / French
– Price: 45 euros-pax


Teixar is the only Qualified Estate wine of the D.O. Montsant and the fourth in Catalonia. 

We will visit the Teixar estate, a 3 hectare sloping vineyard of hairy Grenache, one of the oldest in Catalonia. Its name comes from a place in Capçanes known as the Font del Teixar, located in an amphitheater in the middle of a protected natural area of great beauty and ecological value, between the Llaberia and Montalt mountains.

Vineyards of very little production, 3000 numbered bottles, that give life to a great wine of hairy Grenache: velvety, elegant, complex and with a long and persistent end thanks to the maturation and refinement of its tannins.

It is the first Qualified Estate Wine recognized from 100% Hairy Grenache, certified by the CCPAE in organic agriculture since 2007 that follows biodynamic farming techniques.

We will enjoy the character and personality of two very different Teixar vintages, and finally we will accompany it with a truffle foie.

– Wines to taste: Teixar Vi de Finca Qualificada
– Groups: 4-6 people. 35 euros and for 2-4 people 55 euros.
– Languages: Catalan / Spanish / English / French
– Price: 2-4 people 55 euros / 4-6 people 35 euros.


A unique sensory experience. 

To speak of Vinyes Domenech is to speak of Garnacha, the grape of a thousand and one faces where the nuances that identify the wines of Mediterranean origin made with this variety are found.

We propose to share this sensory experience of our land with the different colors of the Grenache.

Discover its elegance, the bouquet of delicate aromas, silky and velvety textures with genuine flavours that will move you and transport you to the heart of the Sierra de Llaberia and Montalt.

A protected natural area of great beauty and ecological value, where you will walk among vineyards to discover the influence of wild plants around our botanical wines.

We will taste the winery’s most renowned wines, and learn to identify their most subtle wild fragrances with the help of a botanical mural that explains the richness of the landscape around us.

– Wines to taste: Bancal Blanco, Rita, Rosat de Mitjanit, Àmfora, Furvus i Empelts
– Groups: Minimum 6 people
– Languages spoken: Catalan / Spanish / English / French
– Price: 45 euros-pax


(These activities are temporarily suspended by Covid) Located in a privileged environment and thanks to magnificent facilities, both exterior and interior, we organize events to:

Private celebrations.

Business meetings.
Showrooms, presentations or product promotions.

Personalized events that can be accompanied by a tailor-made gastronomic experience where creativity, local products and small details will give it a distinctive look.

6.1.The new moon of May:

with the xef of restaurant de les flors Iolanda Bustos

A partir de la primera lluna nova del mes de maig, la natura comença el nou cicle de vida i és el millor moment per gaudir-les en tota la seva esplendor.

Gaudirem d’un menú degustació de productes de proximitat acompanyat d’herbes, arrels, flors i fruits silvestres junt amb els nostres vins botànics que ens permetran assaborir el paisatge que ens envolta.


Una experiència que us farà viatjar i sentir el cor d’aquest indret salvatge del Montsant.

L’activitat es compon d’un tast de plantes, flors i fruits silvestres comestibles, que creixen entremig de les vinyes, plantes que hi aporten caràcter, gust i aromes als vins de cada finca.

L’experiència sensorial entre els vins botànics i la flora silvestre esdevé una autèntica representació del despertar de la primavera a les vinyes.

Durada: 3 hores|Dinar
Data: 17 de març de 2021
Vins a tastar: Bancal del Bosc Blanc + Bancal del Bosc Negre + Furvus o Boig per tu.
Possibilitat d’afegir Teixar Vi de Finca Qualificada, Vinyes Velles de Samsó o Rita valorant el preu d’ampolla sencera.
Grups: Mínim de 20 persones
Idiomes: Català / Castellà / Anglès / Francès
Preu: 90 €|pax

6.2. The Full Moon of June

Performance by the musician  and composer Pep Sala

A unique opportunity to enjoy a private and exclusive performance by Pep Sala in acoustic format outdoors on the first night of the full moon in June, paired with the best chefs in our country who will cook for us and discover the seasonal products selected to enjoy Vinyes Domènech’s Grenache.



20:30 Welcome.

20:45 Talk with Pep Sala.

21:30 Dinner and wine tasting

23:00 Start of the concert.

– Duration: 4 hours (from 20h to 00h)
– Dates: June 30, 2021 and July 28, 2021
– Wines to taste: Bancal del Bosc Blanc + Boig per tu + Viñas Viejas de Samsó.
– Groups: Places limited to 40 people
– Languages spoken: Catalan / Spanish / English / French
– Price: 95 euros

6.3.The New Moon of June

20:30 – Welcome.

20:45 – Talk and discussion.

21:30 – Dinner and wine tasting

22:30 – Observation of the sky.

– Duration: 3 hours (from 20h to 23h)
– Dates: June 15, 2021 and July 14, 2021
– Wines to be tasted: Furvus + Teixar de Finca Qualificada + el Rita
– Groups: Places limited to 20 people
– Languages spoken: Catalan / Spanish / English / French / Italian / Polish
– Price: 75 euros-pax

6.3.The New Moon of June

Les Estrellas and wine  with the astronomer Joan Anton Catalá Come and share with us an unforgettable experience under the sky of stars, where heaven and earth shake hands in this idyllic place, where nature is exuberant.

Our wine is born and grows protected by lush forests, high cliffs, and an impressive sky, which give it, all of them, its special character. The astronomer Joan Anton Catalá will guide us on an inspiring journey through our universe. We will be surprised by the origin of the water that nourishes the vines and is part of ourselves.

We will understand the beneficial effects that the Moon has on our planet, and its creation. And we will discuss the origin of life and the possibility that it may exist elsewhere in the cosmos. All this will be complemented by a tasting of our best botanical wines, a cocktail dinner and a telescope observation of the sky.


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