#How botanical plants influence the aromas of wine

While the smell of blossoming almond trees is pleasing our nose receptors, we are patiently waiting for all other spring aromas to appear in Montsant.  A wide …


#Grenache in white winter wonderland ❄️

As old saying goes: “A year of snow, crops will grow”. Based on time proven knowledge, we should expect the bountiful harvest as this January in …


#Grenache Experience – 🍇🎁

We have been preparing a unique experience for all Grenache lovers. It is a collection of 6 bottles, a wine journey through this incredibly diverse …


#Harvest at the oasis of Grenache 🍃🍇

Everybody would agree that it has been a pretty tough year and 2020 vintage deserves space in our memories and.. in our cellars. The vineyards …

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